With 16 years of practice and over 1500hrs of teaching, Kiara brings to her classes a vast knowledge of yoga and the body. She aims to teach with an anatomical focus and guides her students in better understanding their own bodies from this vantage point. Kiara compliments the anatomical focus with deep adjustments stemming from her training in Thai Massage. She then balances the physical aspects of her classes by incorporating her knowledge of Hypnotherapy, Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine and Somatics.  www.kiarafit.com

Natalie is trained in a variety of different healing arts; to include Theta Healing, Reiki, Energetic Healing Techniques for the person and home, mediumship and much more. She specializes in releasing limiting beliefs, connecting with the departed, and clearing/blessing your home. She is blessed with a deep intuitive connection. www.NatalieSergent.com

It was the initial deep-dive into yoga and meditation that occurred about 10 years ago that started for Jenna this journey of deep discovery. She is humbly reminded each day of the value in practice and meeting oneself with openness and love. As she relays to students often, spirit or energy is a mobile, subtle force of life and must be kindled daily in order to maintain this light that can be felt within. This practice drives the rippling and expanding movement of true joy, and Jenna’s desire is to extend these nourishing teachings to others.  www.jennafurnari.com

Toula Hubbard was a doer, an achiever and one of the busiest persons she knew!  Unfortunately she did not know how to stop, even long enough to enjoy her life, accomplishments and yes... even vacations. She was busy looking towards the next work day, fundraiser, kids' event, responsibility, etc.  After regular and recurring illness and a stress level that resulted in an ambulance ride to the Emergency Room, Toula surrendered to her higher power.  Today Toula has traded her CEO and countless other titles, to come to you as a Natural Solutions and Essential Oils Educator. She is AromaTouch Certified and serves as an intuitive coach for clients (and friends). Toula will show us how natural solutions can help us take slow, easy steps towards our well-being and how small shifts can help us reboot to a healthy lifestyle that brings us peace, gratitude and fun! Learn more at www.wellnesswithtoula.com

Margaret Skillicorn

Energy Healer


​Resonance Repatterning Practitioner

Jenna Furnari


Margaret is trained in a variety of different healing arts; to include, Resonance Repatterning, Chakra Clearing, Energetic Healing Techniques, Essential Oils, Reiki and many more. She specializes in helping people to release the energetic blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck.

She supported people in crisis for over twenty years in a career of public service and holds a Bachelors in Sociology/Psychology. In 2008 she discovered Resonance Repatterning, a dynamic body of energy healing work for transforming your life experience. She is blessed with a deep intuitive connection. She is an award winning speaker. It is her honor to share tools with others to help them help themselves. www.MargaretSkillicorn.com

Your Instructors

Beth Lefebvre is an AADP board certified holistic Health Coach, Registered Yoga Teacher, Bowenwork Practitioner, Certified Massage Therapist, and Reiki Master who teaches and inspires joyful, healthy living and lifestyle on the Monterey Peninsula. Beth comes from a background in dance and movement and believes that the body sings in motion. Beth's passion is to share the keys to joyful pain free living through mindful movement, healthy nutrition and lifestyle. Experienced in gentle vinyasa flow, hatha, deep release, lyengar, and restorative yoga practices. Yoga offers a powerful approach to integrate body, mind and breath to open energy pathways and set the body free of chronic pain patterns. Beth has just completed her 500 hour training in yoga therapy.

​​​​Creative Consciousness Collective

Natalie Sergent

Energy Healer



Kiara McBain


Toula Hubbard

Natural Health Solutions Coach

Jenny Mirich

Essential Oils Educator

Beth Lefebvre


I'm Jenny Mirich and this dōTERRA Essential Oils curriculum at the Creative Consciousness Collective is a wonderful collaborative project for me to be involved with! Having used essential oils for over 20 years now, I have always been drawn to their power to support emotional wellness. After a season of learning about and using dōTERRA oils on friends and family (with a particularly powerful outcomes for me and my family), I desired to broaden my outreach with Mood Management & Essential Oils. This is how I started my dōTERRA business and it has been a growing passion ever since!

My background is in Psychology and Biology and I hold an advanced degree in Behavioral Neuroscience with a focus on olfactory-specific neurogenesis and brain plasticity. I regularly stand in bewildered awe of the body and mind and all it can do. I am passionate about helping all people understand the power of emotions and the matched supportive strength found in essential oils. I have found joy as a business, leader and life coach and absolutely love to research and learn. Profound change in the realms of Wellness, Beauty, Health and Happiness is the signature theme of my training programs and blog on www.CatalyticWellness.com